A Real Estate "business in a box"

Are you a HUNGRY and Motivated Realtor with a desire to build a strong business with EPIC INCOME and the Free Time to enjoy it? You may be a good fit for the Homes+City Network.

Homes+City Vision & Mission

We are a United, Global Referral & Support Network of Independent EXP Realtors


This is our Network's Core Philosophy. We believe in surrounding ourselves with results focused, ambitious Realtors that believe that their dream life is achieved by building a very successful Real Estate Business.

We all work together, share resources and back each other up while serving clients. Our mission is to deliver such an outstanding service experience that they are not only comfortable referring their friends and family... they become raving fans.

While you serve buyers and sellers, our job is to serve YOU, our Business Partner.

This philosophy allows us to tap into DECADES of Real Estate Experience with literally thousands of sales under our belts and billions in Real Estate sold to help you sell more homes in less time.

We provide Realtors in our network with training, mentorship, accountability, production based systems, along with a healthy business focused culture that keeps you focused on personal and professional growth.

We believe that if you can MAKE MORE, you can GIVE MORE.

If you want to become a top performing realtor, maximize your stock ownership in EXP, build a strong retirement income with revenue share and agent overrides from helping the network grow... you are in the right place.

Our Vision is to grow a GLOBAL Real Estate Network with passionate entrepreneurial realtors in every country and territory as EXP Realty Expands.

If partnering with successful Realtors, Leaders & Coaches that truly care about you and your growth sounds like the right fit for you... Apply for a position on the team as a Licensed Realtor or an Unlicensed Intern today.


Dustin Pritchard & Anthony Dazet

Homes+City Global Real Estate Network

Homes+Beach Global Real Estate Network

Mega Momentum Coaching Platform

EXP Realty Platform

A business model built for extreme growth and prosperity for Realtors

Mega Momentum Coaching

Members of the Homes+City Network receive FREE UNLIMITED ACCESS to the

Mega Momentum Coaching Platform.

About the Founders

Dustin Pritchard & Anthony Dazet founded the Homes+City Global Real Estate Network and the Mega Momentum Coaching Platform because we are PASSIONATE about helping Realtors succeed.

Dustin Pritchard

Dustin is a Serial Entrepreneur that has spent over 20 years building and managing high performance sales teams & companies. In fact, helping Realtors succeed in business is his PASSION! He loves finding energetic entrepreneurs and helping them achieve their version of Abundance by leveraging the power of a productive and profitable sales environment to build a real business around their license.

Anthony is obsessed with agents and the growth of their business. Anthony has grown highly successful real estate expansion teams for over 15 years in multiple cites though out the country under multiple brands. He is Always learning and growth based and ready to help you take your business and life to the next level.

Anthony Dazet